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Current Openings

After School Program Staff
Starts at $16.50/ hour, Monday-Fridays, 2:15-5:30, an hour earlier Wednesdays. Send resume to natalie@wwcampfire.org to inquire about openings.

Program Subs
We are always hiring subs. $16.50/hour, flexible schedule. Send resume, availability, and 1-3 sentence cover letter to natalie@wwcampfire.org to apply.

Internship for College Credit
Email natalie@wwcampfire.org with your internship needs and we will be happy to set up a plan with you. Internships are partially paid; you will be onboarded as a program substitute and paid any time you are in ratio or specifically placed to provide extra help at a program site. The amount of additional time you work unpaid out-of-ratio is up to you. Internships can involve working at our childcare program, office work, and/or lesson planning.

Requirements for all staff:
18+. Must be able to reliably make it to work site every weekday barring illness, emergency, or pre-approved absence. Camp Fire jobs require a great deal of independence and excellent skills in open, effective communication.

Must pass background check. Must be legally eligible to work in the state of Washington. Must get CPR training, food handler permit, and other online course qualifications after hiring.

Preferred but not mandatory: experience working with children. 

Camp Fire Staff’s purpose is to supervise, care for, and engage with a group of 10-30 elementary school students. Our staff work in teams of two in compliance with DCYF’s ratio of 15 kids to one adult.

Camp Fire staff must make the following commitments:

  • Reliability: You must be able to make it to work every program day barring emergency, illness, or pre-approved absence. Last minute call-outs and leaving work during program are not acceptable. Occasional requests for 1-2 days off are generally approved, but we cannot guarantee time off approval outside of school breaks. Note: there are many school breaks, including fall conferences, Thanksgiving break, winter break, spring conferences, spring break, and 3-day weekends at least once a month.
  • Schedule: 2:15 – 5:30pm on regular school days / 1:15 – 5:30pm on Wednesdays. Closed during school holidays and no-school days. There are opportunities for some payroll hours during school breaks. No weekend work.
  • Program Execution: Help lead age-appropriate activities that promote social-emotional learning such as crafts, games, reading, outdoor exploration, science experiments, music, team sports, and service projects. Closely supervise all children to ensure their safety. Document incidents, behavior concerns, and attendance.
  • Health & Safety: Monitor and address health, safety, and behavior concerns. Review participants’ health information and plan accordingly. Clean and sanitize equipment and supplies according to recommended standards.
  • Relationship Building: Communicate and collaborate effectively and cultivate positive relationships with co-leaders, school staff, and students’ families. Camp Fire staff are expected to be positive role models for the children in their care!
  • Facility Management: Keep storage areas organized and equipment in good condition. Ensure that supplies are sufficiently stocked and used appropriately.

Minimum Qualifications: Age 18+, background check, ability to complete certifications and training (first aid, CPR, food handler, online courses on mandated reporting and safety, etc.). Childcare experience preferred. Ability to travel between elementary schools and pick up supplies from the Camp Fire office required.

Location: Local Elementary Schools

Length of Position: Seasonal. You can choose to work just the school year, just the summer, or both seasons.

Benefits: Paid sick leave, opportunity for professional development, regular opportunity for raises, opportunity to get involved in other elements of the organization that align with your career goals/interests. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to go into childcare, education, or nonprofit work, but there are a variety of skills you can learn and connections you can make from this position. We want to work with you to help you get the most out of your time at Camp Fire!