Super Summer

Super Summer

Day Camp

Super Summer is a safe, fun day camp for kids on summer vacation. We provide meals, lead them through dynamic and exciting programming, and carefully supervise them to make sure they are safe and their needs are met. We’re so excited to get out in the sunshine and have some FUN!

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Grades: going into 1st – going into 6th
Dates: June 19 to August 16
Monday – Friday, except June 17-18 and July 4-5
Location: Green Park Elementary
Times: 7:30am – 5:30pm 


  • All available scholarships for Summer Camp have been awarded. New registrants can join the waitlist by turning in a scholarship application to Carly (info on the financial aid page on our website).
  • Summer Camp is open to children entering first through sixth grades. Children must have completed kindergarten. Children also must be 100% independent with bathroom use, as Camp Fire staff is completely unable to accompany children into the bathroom or help them change clothes.
  • Camp is open from 7:30am – 5:30pm, Monday – Friday. Supervision of your children cannot be provided outside of our program hours. The activities, field trips, and events of our Camp Day take place from 9am – 3pm, with self-directed, closely supervised free time taking place during the first few and last few hours of camp.
  • Morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack will be provided each day. Check the Camp bulletin board for menu information. You can send your child with their own snacks and lunch if desired. Please DO NOT send anything with nuts, including peanut butter. 
  • Weekly activities include: swimming at Memorial pool, water play at Wildwood Park, projects and activities based on the weekly theme, group games, sports, guest presenters, and other field trips.
  • Summer Camp is primarily an outdoor program. To help keep your children safe and comfortable, have them come with appropriate clothing and items.
    • Sunscreen – remember to apply generously to your child each morning. You can also send sunscreen with your child to apply throughout the day.
    • Water bottle – send a water bottle with your child’s name written on it in permanent marker. 
    • Shoes – closed-toe shoes are preferred. Sandals are okay, but please no flip flops. 
    • Bathing Suit – send a bathing suit with your child EVERY DAY. Campers will have water play throughout the week. 
    • Towel – remember to include a towel for swimming or water play. 
    • Water Shoes – water shoes are a good option for water play. They are great for protecting your child from sharp objects on the ground. 
    • Please mark all of your child’s belongings with their first and last name!
  • Please leave all toys and games at home! Camp Fire is not responsible for campers’ personal items. Books are okay to bring, but children are responsible for taking care of their own books.
  • All children must pass Memorial Pool’s swim test in order to swim in the deep end of the pool during our pool trips. Even if a child has passed previously on their own, they are required to take it again during Camp Fire. If a child doesn’t pass the first time, staff will encourage them to practice and continue trying the test. We adhere to all of Memorial Pool’s rules to ensure every child is safe.
  • A weekly schedule can be found on the camp bulletin board. We encourage parents to view the schedule and be familiar with the planned weekly activities. 


How do I register?

Click the registration link above. It’ll take you to Playground, where you’ll fill out an application form. Then, click “add-ons”. Select ALL weeks you plan on having your child attend (if your plans change later, just email Carly to get weeks taken off, and you will not be charged). Register for each week by the Wednesday before.

How does payment work?

Once you sign up for all your weeks of camp, your total summer balance will show. This amount is NOT due all at once– the billing period is weekly. You’ll input a payment method and click “submit application”.

Are there any daily or half day rates?

No. Weekly rates only.

Do I have to register for the full summer?

No; you can, but you can also register for individual weeks if that better suits your needs.

Does each week cost the same?

Each full week costs $200. Camp is closed July 4 and 5 so that week will cost $120. Since the first week of camp is only 3 days long, the cost for that date will also be $120. Every other week of camp is 5 days long.

What if my plans change and I need to cancel part of my registration?

There is not a way to do this on Playground, but if you reach out to Carly, she will get your registration updated and make sure you are not charged for any weeks of camp your child does not attend.

If my child is sick for a full camp week and is unable to attend, will the charge for that week be cancelled? 

Yes; but since we charge by week only, we are unable to cancel the charge if your child attends even one day of the week.

How does drop-off and pick-up work?

Drop your child off at the program site between 7:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. Park in the bus drop off lane on Isaacs and walk your child to the check-in area by the side doors. Pick your child up between 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. If you need to pick your child up sooner or drop your child off later, call Camp Director Vanessa at (509) 676-8604 to confirm the program location at that time. Children MUST be picked up by 5:30. If your child has not been picked up by then, staff will give you a reminder call. There is a late fee of one dollar per child per minute late. If you repeatedly arrive late, you will be asked to meet with the Executive Director to sign a pick-up contract.